Monday, December 1, 2008

October Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2008 - Minutes

19 attendees

· Fish Tank
· Food – Costco Pizza, cookies, water, vegetable tray
· 2008 Alaska Chapter Conference
· Committees
· Membership – benefits and “how to”
· Open Discussion – activities, volunteer opportunities, etc…
· Hatchery Tour
· Planet Earth DVD - Freshwater

Fish Tank
Maintenance and feeding schedule was set-up by Stan T. Feeding 2x/week. To be recorded in maintenance log: temperature and number of fish. Partial water exchange required 1x/month.

Anchorage – October 28th-30th
2 seats on the van available. For volunteering at the conference your registration fee will be waived. There are donation slips that are going around to gather items for the silent auction. The silent auction pays for student travel, so we need as many items as possible.

  • Tank – Feeding/MaintenanceMerchandising – Hats, mugs, sweatshirts, totes, posters
  • Community Outreach – Volunteering, fishing, outreach collaboration with Katie Murra in Academics
  • Continuing Education – boater safety, bear safety, CPR

About $25/year provides newsletters, subscription to Onchorhynchus and other AFS journals, allows discounts for conferences, definitely worth the money. See for complete instructions on applying.


  • Winter Ice Fishing (burbot sets, dog mushing)
  • Stream cleanups (media opportunity, Tanana Valley Watershed Assoc.)
  • Science Potpouri (blow stuff up, in April, young people involved, ideas – touch tank, hydrology, watershed, fish lab, etc)
  • Summer activities (fishing, bird watching, rafting, canoeing/kayaking)
  • Boyscout/Girlscout fish painting, tshirts, fishing trips, fun art activity
  • After-school tutoring (all education levels)- Review Session (presentations, presentation skills, paper reviews, lab help, math tutoring, homework help)
  • November 13th – Natural Resource and Fisheries Science Career Fair Day (Wood Center, go find a summer internship!)
  • Resume workshop (bring resumes)

Jim Fish has offered to bring us through the hatchery in his own time. Sign-up on the board if you would like to attend. Good opportunity to experience aquaculture in our own back yards.

Planet Earth DVD
Freshwater - fresh water habitats from across the world

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