Monday, December 8, 2008

Feeling Ambitious?

Fairbanks and Tanana Valley Students Only:

WINTERmester registration has begun and continues
through January 2. This compressed, intensive term
from January 5-16, is an opportunity to earn 3 credits
in 2 weeks. There are four core courses available and
several interest courses. Prerequisites and course
preparation necessary before the start of class can be
found at

Choose from the following WINTERmester courses:

ANTH F100x-FQ1 Individual, Society and Culture (3 credits)
ART FO40-FQ1 Coptic Binding (0 credits)
BA F323X-FQ1 Business Ethics (3 credits)
ECON F227-FQ1 Intermediate Statistics for Business and
Economics (3 credits)
ES F193-FQ1 Electric Car Conversion (2 credits)
LAS F293 FQ1 Demystifying Biotechnology (1 credit)
LS F101X-FQ2 Library Information and Research (1 credit)
MUS F200X-FQ1 Aesthetic Appreciation: Interrelation of Art,
Drama and Music, (3 credits)
PS F300X-FQ1 Ethics and Society (3 credits)
PSY F393-FQ1 Intimate Relationships (3 credits)
PSY F693-FQ1 Structural Equation Modeling (1 credit)

Financial aid can be applied to these courses and space is
available in the dorms for students that need housing.

Contact Summer Sessions for more information.
Phone: 474-7021
Office: 216 Eielson Bldg on the UAF campus

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