Monday, September 29, 2008

Applied Hydrogeologic Site Characterization & Monitoring Well Construction Workshop

Three day training course to introduce environmental professionals to Applied Hydrologeologic principles and prepare for management and development of Site Characterization activities.

In-class exercises will include calculating hydraulic gradient, flow direction, flow volume, and flow velocity; water table contouring, designing monitoring wells, constructing geologic profiles from well logs, and investigating contaminated sites based on case study data.

The course is structured in a manner that the student will be able to understand hydrogeologic reports, prepare work plans and implement field studies. The attendee will further understand regional groundwater hydrology and how it relates to their local environment.

The class is intended for environmental professionals who are not hydrogeologists, but would benefit from a practical understanding of environmental hydrogeology.

October 1-3, 2008

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Sport Fish Division
1300 College Road
Fairbanks, Alaska

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