Monday, September 29, 2008

September 2008 Meeting Minutes

First meeting of 2008-09 UAF AFS (~27 attendees)
· Sign-In
· Food – subway, chips, cookies, water, snack mix
· What is AFS? – Stan Triebenbach
· Upcoming meeting announcement (vote on Weds or Thurs via email)
· Fish Tank announcements & call for volunteers
· AFS Alaska Chapter Diversity Travel Award for 2008 Annual Conference
· Officer nomination and elections
· Amanda PCCRC Internship
· Raffle for water bottle
AFS - Membership, purpose, and other information
Stan Triebenbach spoke about the benefits to AFS membership, how to sign up, and what AFS’ purpose is.
Volunteers for fish tank: Daniel Vaughn, Lisa Kangas, and Stan Triebenbach.
Diversity Award: Katie Murra announced the 2008 Annual Alaska Chapter conference in Anchorage, AK October 27-30, 2008. Women, minorities, Alaskan Natives, etc… can apply for scholarship for travel, lodging, registration fee. Application deadline September 26th, 2008. Our very own Lisa Kangas has won the award the past 2 years!
Volunteer opportunities: Katie also spoke about various activities throughout the school year -Outdoor Days: students will have an opportunity to interact and learn about science (Trophic Ecology Game); Science Symposium: High school competition – volunteers needed to help with projects and judge; Fish tank: Moving, filling with water, placing rocks, artificial plants, fish, feeding and cleaning; Natural Resource and Fisheries Career Day: November 13, 2008 – talk about AFS/SFOS, look for a job
Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center – Internships
Amanda Rosenberger – applications to work with an SFOS research scientist due September 15, 2008.
Officer Elections: Nominations:
President – Lisa Kangas (graduating 12/08), Seth Weitgrefe (accepted)
Vice President – Kelly Newfield and Jason Stolarski (vote: Kelly 14, Jason 17)
Raffle – water bottle

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