Monday, December 8, 2008

Feeling Ambitious?

Fairbanks and Tanana Valley Students Only:

WINTERmester registration has begun and continues
through January 2. This compressed, intensive term
from January 5-16, is an opportunity to earn 3 credits
in 2 weeks. There are four core courses available and
several interest courses. Prerequisites and course
preparation necessary before the start of class can be
found at

Choose from the following WINTERmester courses:

ANTH F100x-FQ1 Individual, Society and Culture (3 credits)
ART FO40-FQ1 Coptic Binding (0 credits)
BA F323X-FQ1 Business Ethics (3 credits)
ECON F227-FQ1 Intermediate Statistics for Business and
Economics (3 credits)
ES F193-FQ1 Electric Car Conversion (2 credits)
LAS F293 FQ1 Demystifying Biotechnology (1 credit)
LS F101X-FQ2 Library Information and Research (1 credit)
MUS F200X-FQ1 Aesthetic Appreciation: Interrelation of Art,
Drama and Music, (3 credits)
PS F300X-FQ1 Ethics and Society (3 credits)
PSY F393-FQ1 Intimate Relationships (3 credits)
PSY F693-FQ1 Structural Equation Modeling (1 credit)

Financial aid can be applied to these courses and space is
available in the dorms for students that need housing.

Contact Summer Sessions for more information.
Phone: 474-7021
Office: 216 Eielson Bldg on the UAF campus

Dr. Vera Alexander

SFOS team,

Last week, Vera Alexander suffered a mild stroke and has been hospitalized since that time. She is doing very well considering the situation and her son (Graham) has been in contact with me providing updates. I talked with him and he said his mom is coming out of the hospital on December 6th (she is in Seattle with family) and will be moving into her daughters house in Seattle until sometime in January. Rehab is focused on speech therapy, but otherwise, he said she is doing well.

The following website has been set up to track Vera's condition, sign in and write in a guest book, and make donations.

Mike Castellini
SFOS Associate Dean

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Aleutian Discoveries

The first publication of "Aurora: Beneath the Surface" features one of SFOS's researcher's findings. Dr. Steve Jewett has made many recent discoveries around the Aleutians. See the full story and videos, sound clips, and pictures at:

Along with the video below, there are many more videos, found at the link above, documenting new species discovered, unique areas in the Aleutian, fish behavior, and beautiful Alaskan scenery.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Alaska Sea Grant Calendar

It's once again time to collect amazing color photos of Alaska's coast
(scenery, people, wildlife) for the 2010 Alaska Sea Grant
Coastal Calendar. If you have great images, please send them
along!! We can take low res images for now, but high res images
will be needed if your image is chosen! While we cannot offer
money for your images, we can offer fame and glory that
comes with knowing that your image will be on walls around the
world for an entire year!

See the 2009 Alaska Coastal Calendar at:

UAF School of Fisheries Spring 2009 Courses

Spring Semester at UAF starts on Thursday, January 22nd. Information for registration and other planning materials can be found at:

Fisheries major? Interested in fisheries or marine science courses? Here is a link to the Spring 2009 SFOS offerings:

- 46 offerings
- Exciting new courses
- New faculty!
- High-tech classrooms
- Hands-on experience

Marine Science and Limnology
- 26 Offerings
- Broad range of oceanography-related topics
- Introduction through graduate level courses
- Also new faculty members!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Make sure you're keeping your eye on the latest publication of the Alaska Chapter! Oncorhynchus is printed (virtually) quarterly. The website below links you to the past publications, and they are good resources for current fisheries issues, Alaska Chapter news, and other fishy happenings around Alaska.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meet Your Executive Committee

Alaska Chapter

President - Bert Lewis

President elect- Toshihide "Hamachan" Hamazaki

Past President - Jamal Moss

Vice President - Lisa Stuby

Treasurer - Lee Ann Gardner

Secretary - Karla Bush

Monday, December 1, 2008

School of Fisheries Hooded Sweatshirts!

This hooded sweatshirt is available from the Academics office for $25

Back View:

View with the AFS Tank:

Katie Murra and the Tank x2:

UAF Bookstore Online

The Bookstore on campus no longer sells our textbooks. They have gone digital! The website is:

Your time at the website will be best spent if you have gathered your specific course number (Fisheries 101, section 01) or CRN (4 digit number found on your detail schedule or in the course catalog).

FYI: The ISBN for the specific text is listed when you've found the correct class. If you have enough time, search online for a cheaper book.

Online book ordering sites:
  • - powered by eBay, easy to use, many options
  • - also user-friendly and inexpensive
  • - a lot of books that are hard to find can be located here, make sure your'e buying from within the U.S. A lot of "international versions" from other countries are sold on this site (illegally!)
  • - a lot of people sell locally, which is cheaper and can be quicker. Also, you can post what you NEED on there, and someone might respond with an answer.
  • Gullivan's Books - on College St. and University Ave. Good selection, local, quick.
  • Biosciences Library and Rasmusson Library - most textbooks are available in the library. If you can't afford a book, or you might not be using it much during the semester, this is an alternative to buying a text.
  • Bulletin boards around campus - don't forget to look at the boards all around campus!

2008 Alaska Chapter Conference


Expanding Perspectives of Fisheries

People came from all across Alaska to attend the Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society's Annual Conference titled: Expanding Perspectives of Fisheries. Students brought projects to share, professionals spoke about current work, and many different issues, regions, and species were presented.

Before the conference, 4 continuing education courses were offered: DIDSON-Based Fish Assessment Workshop, Improving your Scientific Presentation and Speaking Skills, Wilderness First Aid, and a Technical Writing Workshop.

A few of our Fairbanks members, along with other students from Juneau and Anchorage, gathered items for a silent auction. Every year the students are responsible for collecting items and the profits go to the student travel fund. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The last evening of the conference a banquet was held with live entertainment and food. The auction and several award distributions occurred that evening. Recognition was given for: best poster, best presentation, service award, and a Molly Ahlgren student scholarship.

Below is a banquet snapshot from Dona. Seth W. is on the left, Dayna is in the middle, and Shelley W. is on the right.

Big thanks to the people who worked hard to make this conference a success.

Next year the annual conference will be in Fairbanks!

October Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2008 - Minutes

19 attendees

· Fish Tank
· Food – Costco Pizza, cookies, water, vegetable tray
· 2008 Alaska Chapter Conference
· Committees
· Membership – benefits and “how to”
· Open Discussion – activities, volunteer opportunities, etc…
· Hatchery Tour
· Planet Earth DVD - Freshwater

Fish Tank
Maintenance and feeding schedule was set-up by Stan T. Feeding 2x/week. To be recorded in maintenance log: temperature and number of fish. Partial water exchange required 1x/month.

Anchorage – October 28th-30th
2 seats on the van available. For volunteering at the conference your registration fee will be waived. There are donation slips that are going around to gather items for the silent auction. The silent auction pays for student travel, so we need as many items as possible.

  • Tank – Feeding/MaintenanceMerchandising – Hats, mugs, sweatshirts, totes, posters
  • Community Outreach – Volunteering, fishing, outreach collaboration with Katie Murra in Academics
  • Continuing Education – boater safety, bear safety, CPR

About $25/year provides newsletters, subscription to Onchorhynchus and other AFS journals, allows discounts for conferences, definitely worth the money. See for complete instructions on applying.


  • Winter Ice Fishing (burbot sets, dog mushing)
  • Stream cleanups (media opportunity, Tanana Valley Watershed Assoc.)
  • Science Potpouri (blow stuff up, in April, young people involved, ideas – touch tank, hydrology, watershed, fish lab, etc)
  • Summer activities (fishing, bird watching, rafting, canoeing/kayaking)
  • Boyscout/Girlscout fish painting, tshirts, fishing trips, fun art activity
  • After-school tutoring (all education levels)- Review Session (presentations, presentation skills, paper reviews, lab help, math tutoring, homework help)
  • November 13th – Natural Resource and Fisheries Science Career Fair Day (Wood Center, go find a summer internship!)
  • Resume workshop (bring resumes)

Jim Fish has offered to bring us through the hatchery in his own time. Sign-up on the board if you would like to attend. Good opportunity to experience aquaculture in our own back yards.

Planet Earth DVD
Freshwater - fresh water habitats from across the world